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– Strangest or silliest habit/routine each one has to get the ‘creative juices’ flowing? -‘@JulieChaston-

Rituals for creativity:  Yesterday two of us got in the plank position in the writers room while Vanessa Rojas timed us — then she made me do pushups.  It was a great way to start the day.

– 5 words to describe S3 please?  -‘@Cat_145-

words to describe season: romantic, fun, action-packed

– What do you enjoy most about being part of the BATBWriters team? – ‘@WilmaBatb –

Getting to know amazing inspiring people from all walks of life intimately.  You learn each other’s quirks, pitching habits, passions, stories, family dynamics… its one of my favorite parts of working in television. 

– Is it easier to write drama or comedy scenes? – ‘@Dailydolt1 –

I’m a sucker for comedy, but the best scenes for me are the ones that embody both humor and drama.  If you can make people feel deeply and then laugh and then maybe tear up and then laugh again… that’s great writing. 

– What would a normal work day for a BATB writer consist of? – ‘@muzacgurl – 

There is no normal day, which keeps things interesting.  Most days are spent in the writers room, though.  If you are in one of the various stages of writing an episode, you may be out of the room and pop back in for questions or to clarify, but the rest of us are talking about any one of our characters — where they are emotionally at that specific moment, what they are going through individually and as a couple, where we want then to go… And then of course what the challenges are for them along the way. 

– If you had a superpower what would it be? -‘@AngieRedding-

My superpower would be to freeze time.  I wish I had all the time to be with my 6 year old boy and still be able to read every amazing script, book, play, etc.

– What causes/things in life are you passionate about? -‘@AngieRedding –

Causes I am passionate about: Anything to do with children and education, raising money for cancer research, animal rescue… 

-What are some of the limitations to creativity during the conception stage of the scripts besides the budget? -@soptao-

There are so many factors to keep in mind.  We always want to be authentic to our characters and protect them with every action or reaction they have at any given moment.  That’s not always easy but we work hard to make it happen. 

– What is a sentimental item that you have that never fails to make you smile? – ‘@ruthjcassidy-

Anything that has to do with New York City.  I grew up in Manhattan and it is the most magical energy filled place on earth.  I recently bought a photograph of New York City in the snow.  Its in my office and reminds me of home.

– What are the writers’ impressions of the Beasties? Were they aware of this fanbase prior to signing on to write for #Batb? -‘@LindsTeach1386- 

We love the beasties.  Your passion and dedication is inspiring! 

About this last question, Pamela Sue Anton had something to say too:

We love them and try to think of things that will make them swoon!

It’s all for now. See you soon for other rounds, Beasties!

TheBeautyAndTheBeastJournal Staff

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