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Few words written by a member of another fandom to attest how passionate and dedicated BatB fandom is.
Three years, third nomination as favorite SciFi/Fantasy Tv Show, two Awards already won.
Kristin Kreuk nominated as favorite scifi/fantasy tv actress the second year running, an Award already won.
Beasties are genuinely a small fandom when compared with jumbo ones, 6 or 10 Seasons old, competing against them for the assignmente of People’s Choice Award 2015 for SciFi/Fantasy categories.

Yet they have won; yet they badly wish to win this year too.
Because People’s Choice Award is the best vehicle to show love and appreciation to the show, the best way to pay cast and crew back for all dedication they put in their work day by day.
Voting to win is the way to prove to the world, and to the CW network, that even if affected by a low rating, the show is really really loved by a loyal, motivated fandom.
A fandom able to obviate to its small size with its passion, and wholeness, and willpower.
Every struggle shared in the past two years created a deep and intense connection between Beasties around the world, everyone actually enjoying each process performed together.
A unique and precious pull to on and on voting comes from the unfailing support and interaction that fandom shares with Cast and Crew, every beastie living this chance to win as an opportunity for working together to build a 4th Season.
January 7Th will endorse each categories’ winners.
Everyone in the BatB fanmily is wishing to bring home the Award.AustTess
Everyone knows from the deep, that Beasties have already won the most important struggle: not showing to the world, but proving to themselves that working together, side by side, for a common goal, making everything just for love, created a treasure even bigger that any award, an unquenchable asset that will last forever.
Recapping Episode 16 of Season 2, Nick Roman cleverly defined Beauty and the Beast as show.
We quoted his words to define the amazing reality born and grew thanks to this show.

. “Beauty and the Beast is often a show about connection, and the ways in which we find instinctual, meaningful links with others. Sometimes, those bonds are hard to ever truly break, though not for lack of trying. It’s a series that argues,…,that one cannot live solely for oneself. Life is often the story of your connections with other people, those “thousand fibers” that connect us with one another, and the actions and effects that inform those relationships.” Nick Roman “The Morning After”


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