There is a pinch of Jane Austen in every love story recipe

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Being apart of CW’s Beauty and the Beast fandom since the beginning, one thing struck me: discovering that how many Beasties are readers and lovers of Jane Austen’ novels too.

May be banal? Absurd to make any considerations?

Yes, it’s true, they are two distant worlds, two conflicting breeds.

First I believed it was just a case, with time I realized that it was almost a constant so I began to make some reflections.

They are both worlds that I love, so it has been beautiful indeed to discover that there is a sort of connection.

A first clue was discovering that Beauty and the Beast is written by Jane Austen’s lovers.

Some of the writers declared more than once their passion for reading novels by Jane Austen: a sweet surprise was to see on their board in the Writer’s Room, their good luck sentence “I love Darcy”

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Loving these reading means to make it enter inside of you, of your way of being and thinking, because they will condition your growth, accompany you the whole life.

If you loved only one of Jane Austen’s novels, if you have cried with Elinor while Edward pronounced hesitant for the first time, if you hoped at Anne’s side that it’s never too late for having a second chance, if you opened your eyes with Lizzie when she learnt to look inside her heart, you perfectly know what I am talking about.

I sincerely love to think that these writers put some of this romantic way of portraying life in their work when they wrote Beauty and the Beast.

Love and the Romance don’t change with changing times.

And Jane Austen remains so alive and real among us, her skill to recall emotions absolutely everlasting.

She never ceased to make generations and generations of people falling in love, and she never won’t.

Romance is not so different if we speak about four country girls looking for a good husband, or about a NYC detective hard to surrender to love because of her heart broken over and over again.

May be she doesn’t take tea, and surely she doesn’t dance in ancient ballrooms, she is not surrounded by a calm and verdant English country, yet the delicate way according to which Vincent loves Catherine, his looking after her from a distance for 10 long years, the long run of growth that the two principal characters do before they could be eventually happy, takes us directly in that muffled world, and we surrender to love, and our hearts beat stronger and stronger.

Beauty and the Beast is a love story in which friendship, family affections, tenderness, responsibility and protection are principal recipes. Unaffected feelings, pure, portrayed in a such delicate way, told through looks and words so deep to touch the soul.

I will let you to discover which is the contact point, the connection, between the two distant worlds. It is made by barely describable nuances of feelings, barely perceivable too.

But if you love Jane Austen, you will recognize her print instantly.


Fanvid made by @asocxperiment

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One thought on “There is a pinch of Jane Austen in every love story recipe

    Angela Paraboschi (@angelaparabosch) said:
    14 May 2015 at 2:45

    thank you and congrats it’s so beautiful and interesting your thought on interacting about Batb and Jane Austen

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