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I’m not some damsell in distress, I don’t need a knight in shining armor”

This is the reaction Catherine Chandler of Beauty and the Beast has to yet another rescue by Vincent Keller, the man she loves but does not want to depend on.

The declaration of this woman represents a perfect example of the spirit with which today’s modern woman faces life.

Too often women have had to set aside romantic aspirations to navigate both their personal and professional lives.

This declaration, a little philosophical and literary, and very real of our heroine is her response when faced with this very real dilemma of trying to balance personal and professional decisions.  This has become a reality of todays society.

  In literary and cinematic form we have portrayed modern woman as a strong, independent and in charge of her own life choices.

CDvV0P0UUAAlETn(Black Widow, Marvel – artist @andyparkart)

If this is the true picture of reality and the role of women in today’s society, however, how and in what context include the appreciation and passion that most women demonstrate in the literary field, as well as television and film, for male figures strong and dominant, as displayed by the many bands of superheroes who have recently flooded our books and screens, with unspeakable happened?

Would it not be that while wearing the clothes of the dynamic and unstoppable leader of his life, career and of his family, our contemporary woman would love to do it without feeling too often alone, abandoned, whether we speak of loneliness in fact as metaphorical, in any case private partnership that emotional, multiplier energy within the couple gives the momentum needed to face and overcome obstacles, small and large, that life inevitably brings us?!

Here then abandoned the armor of the fearless warrior, in the silence of a house often asleep early, our heroine abandons his biggest weakness, the dream of being able to give a glimmer of light to their vulnerability, bringing out peacefully with spirit almost liberating his romantic nature, its intimate, innate desire to feel and live a presence at his side.

In leisure and in the dream, therefore, on the screen like the pages of a book, is a great good that the role of the superhero are finally worn by man, magically stripped of insecurities and inadequacies too often revealed in daily living, full alarmingly leak of responsibility and decision-making incapacity.

Movies and miniseries cutting Romantic nineteenth century, often taken from beloved books who never cease to thrill; live action based on the most famous fairy tales that attract more female audiences adult than children; an endless list of films and TV series all done, all dedicated to some superhero, strong and secure, but invariably romantic and charming.

CD8MqnxW0AAtLmx(Flash, The Cw)

CD1m8LBW8AACfxc(Arrow, The Cw)

CD7OkqsWMAAEiYN(Daredevil, Netflix)

CD3c9rBWAAA0jO9(The Avengers Age of Ultron, Marvel)

The publishing market, film and television gloats, because the recipe is simple, and, respecting the ingredients, success assured. But is this new image of a hero created by the entertainment industry, a little prince charming and a little superhero playing to the romantic dreams of would be damsels, is this really the ideal person for women to have at their sides to face everyday challenges, or should a woman look closer, with eyes wide open, and decide with with their heart as well as their heads. in some nuances , aspects that really attract, that only superficially may be confused with the strength and the super powers?!

Today’s women, as Catherine Chandler’s makes clear in the opening statement, do not need a knight in shining armor to come and take them away on his trusty steed. Perhaps today’s women like Catherine Chandler, do not long for a Superman, a handsome superhero at the ready.  Perhaps, what allows her to day dream, what makes her heart beat faster, are the strengths of characters she loves on TV, in film and in books, heroes that display strength as well as vulnerability, that are secure and sensitive, a fellow adventurer rather than a savior of damsels.

Someone with which to navigate life.


2015-04-21 01.30.12(Beauty and the Beast, The Cw)

Schermata del 2015-05-01 19:28:42(Beauty and the Beast, The Cw)

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