Beauty and the Beast – Review: 302 Primal Fear

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Schermata del 2015-06-18 23:21:39
Who said that normal is boring ?!
That routine, or perhaps an attempt to routine, do not deserve attention?
If the normality of which we speak, the one that Vincent and Catherine are preparing to live, after the wonderful and courageous gesture of Vincent, to open to simultaneously both the dangers of the new mission, and the happiness to plan a life with Catherine, well , we can bet that we won’t be bored.

The boxes, the move, the commitment, the bickering on what to keep and what to set aside; if they were not our favorites there would be nothing to get excited about..

Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:33:22
But we are talking about Vincent and Catherine, a couple who does not have the word “normal” written in its DNA, and that has the power to make intense and meaningful every step of the way, even when anyone else there would find no assumptions.

“You guys are like the frigging fairy tale, it’s different” recalls Tess to our Cat alarmed by Vincent’s unspoken fears.

Here it is the focus of this second episode, which as a definition of the first, beautiful and unforgettable, track forthe new way forward for our heroes.

“Who are we” the theme declared by the showrunner for this third season.
No longer a “who am I?”, but a “who are we?”, meaning probably not just who we are as a couple, talking about the protagonists, but also “who I am in referring to others, affecting all the main characters, the whole Scooby gang.

The episode sees the tensions and fears of Vincent at the thought of being too different to fit the normal, while on the other hand, each of the characters has engaged in a process of becoming aware of themselves and their value, that, even if only mentioned, glimpse is the path to fulfill, that the questions to be answered.

Catherine, Heather, Tess and Jt, not less than Vincent, are in fact to deal with the risks, and fears, that being yourself inevitably entails.

Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:44:01

There is no parachute, no concealment, if you are yourself and dare, failure is a wound that remains, and the fear of failure is something that can block you and make you act like another.

Catherine fears her fairy tale may be shattered against the reality, Tess that her dream is hopeless, JT that its determination is too good to be his, and Heather knows she has to face the thought of have to perform alone, knowing that she can.

Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:41:06

The plot, the action, the supporting characters, are a great corollary to a storyline that is emerging more and more like an analysis focused on the development of relations between the characters, privileging this aspect both to the procedural, as well as the sci-fi one.
Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:52:25
Seeing Vincent and Alton Finn fight and then stop, both victims of dark powers, and listening to the speech that Catherine addresses them preventing the worse, let us a glimpse, in the line this season, an intriguing reminder of the fairytale which, though thin, promises intensity and relief.
In the aim of living his condition as a gift rather than a curse, Vincent will feel the liberating sensation of sharing diversity with other people, which will be his rivals in fulfilling his mission, but that are victims rather than victimizers, and so he manages to save them, feeding in his heart the unquenchable flame of hope about the existence of a chance of salvation for him.
Just like the Beast of the fairy-tale castle, which sees tied his fate to his servants, transformed against their will, and prisoners of the same curse.
The route awaiting for Vincent is hard and risky, nothing but tough.
The price to pay potentially huge, the loss of everything he cares about, all for which he fought, whatever it is still willing to fight.
Its vulnerability, again, moves and softens us, in the clumsy attempt to keep Catherine away from his fears.
How to tell her about his dark side’s issue, how about how much he suffers the hypothesis that he could not control it, after having asked to be forever with him ?!
But Vincent is lucky, because destiny or not, mythology or event, he has at his side a woman who has wonderfully embraced to find her fulfillment in loving him with her whole being, both in danger, as in normal.

Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:47:08
Vincent is sincere, at the end of the episode, apologizing to Catherine for not havong talked to her before about his unease “primordial”, but he was afraid to scare her.
How not to understand him ?!
Afraid to scare her.
A marriage proposal, the start of cohabitation, the promise of a life together, with him who fails to set aside what he hates about himself, what he feared to be rejected rather than accepted for?!

Schermata del 2015-06-18 01:38:54
How much courage, we understand better now, falling to his knees on that roof, a few nights before!
Well, the courage pays, and Vincent did well to dare.
Because the hand which he slipped the ring, is that of the woman born to be with him, the one that we love as much as he loves her, for being able to respond to his “I was just afraid to scare you,”- with sweetness and unparalleled love- “Never”
If there is a hope of salvation for Vincent, this can only go for the eyes, and the soul of that who at first glance caught the wonderful man he is, then choosing, long before the time of that ring, to have place in her heart and in her life only for him.


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