Beauty and the Beast: Review 304 – Heart of the Matter

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11039309_843077295742101_7469608326527763317_nHeart of the Matter.

This week, whilst I was writing my review on this episode, I realised that I had been deceived… deceived by not only the plot but also the writers as well and things I thought I had seen I realised was anything but. I ended up rewriting what I had already said.
My comment to this episode, this week, I wrote twice.

First things first…

I saw the episode and I immediately started writing, animated by criticism this time.
I went to look for those authors of the script, because I asked myself;
“how can they know the show and the characters so little to twist everything so?!”
The episode was written by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn, not exactly new to writing being authors of screenplays that I appreciate very much.
But then, how can we justify the direction taken by the episode with its plot and characterization of the characters, especially Catherine?!
Here were Catherine and Vincent, who have barely come to terms with the decision to marry, sitting on a couple therapist’s couch?!
And yes, i know that the reference to the comparison with the film “Mr & Mrs Smith” has been hinted more than once by the writers, in the last season for example, but to be visiting a marriage counselor so soon seemed huge and I was shocked!

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:04:11The characters then; the transformation of Vincent treated without the pathos of the conflict, the risks pitted again from Cat, almost like a chant, boring.
Cat herself, overly focused on the case, a Catherine unrecognizable from the girl we know and fell in love with, the one whose love was so “brave” so as to rewrite her destiny in the name of being with Vincent…

And there we have it. That’s the episode.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:47:49You can be skeptical, critical, or plaintive looking at what this really says about this installment, putting it into the narrative fabric of “Beauty and the Beast” as another aspect of the journey of these two to triumph, be happy and live peacefully and lovingly.
But… let’s face it… those who thought the first episode of this season was almost a series finale, and that after Vincent’s proposal there was not much left to tell, where they right?

Here I deleted two-thirds of the first draft of my review and revived the inevitable “gut” part, emotional one, to get ahead.
instinct needs just a moment to sweep away the misunderstandings and see everything in a clear light…


That’s what it was between me and this episode.

Then a word from JT, a blast from the past and everything became clear…
The writers chose a marriage counsellor on purpose and chose the fantastic Saul Rubinek to play the part. Our beloved couple owned that sofa as good as, if not better than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
What they needed was simply a “mirror”, someone to help them to reflect on what kind of couple they are, on what route they are on and what kind of road is waiting for them to take them forward.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:46:55
‘Codependency risk’, says the counselor, a dysfunctional behavior of married life.

Is it Vincent and Catherine’s issue?

It’s because of it that for the moment they were told, on that roof, that their lives would be together it seems that nothing will allow them to enjoy the expectation of happiness for what they have decided to carry on?
They are really involved in the wrong way in their relationship, in a way that will not allow them to have a normal life that is beyond the shared situations of extreme danger, duty and necessity?

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:31:04Because this is the focus of the episode, this is what we must talk about. I confess not to have understood this at once.
The fear of not being able to have a future that is not as it was in the past. The fear of seeing the intensity of feelings fade due to the absence of the intensity of the situations. The desire to reassure themselves about their ability to make each other happy, to see the other with anything other than gratitude for saving each other.
Vincent and Catherine are wonderful on the therapist’s couch, frightened at the thought that there is no place for them in the world as a normal couple.
Perhaps they put themselves on that couch to feel like a normal couple, because who does not have issues to resolve and need some good advice every now and then?!

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:40:44Then Catherine who seemed so unnatural with her over concern that obsessive attitude towards the case, with the usual little speeches on avoiding crossing the line and save him to save them, appeared to me much more herself, frightened at the thought of losing both Vincent and all they have built if she does not manage to get on top of every situation and solve all problems and defeat any enemy,
How brave is your love?
Beyond measure, without a doubt, hers.
Because she threw her heart over the obstacle and wanted her own happiness by tying her life to that of a person whose condition will not give guarantees or certainty about the future, but to be steadfast loved more than anyone ever.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:30:02That’s why it’s her at the phone, the only one to perceive and understand JT’s concern, the terror of becoming a monster.
Because let’s face it, removed from all of the frills and turns of phrase, the fact of the matter is this…
The obsessive attachment of Catherine’s cases shared with Vincent does not reveal anything but the fear of not having as normal a life as possible.
At the same time, the inability to hold back, even in adrenaline filled extreme situations, sometimes committing errors of judgment, just hides the fear of losing control of a situation that had “extreme” written in large letters in every aspect.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:13:42Perhaps I have said many times already, but maybe not quite yet.
I have to give credit to Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan for the intensity and emotional depth that makes their characters unique, real and vibrant.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:36:27If it seems a tad obsessive a out our Cat in this episode, always keep in mind that she is the girlfriend of the monster, not Cinderella who goes to live in the castle with Prince Charming.
Tess gets nervous for JT’s fears and for the whole episode right to the last scene together, avoid it, because often to dismiss awareness is easier.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:30:24
Catherine has never done. She threw her whole self to live this thing without sparing and never, never backing down, whatever the present threw at her.
If Vincent is so shamelessly beautiful enough to make us too often forget what he is, Jay Ryan is so shamelessly good to open up a window on the abyss that his character lives, on the conflict that tears him apart and that which he cannot alienate.

It’s a little crazy JT at the thought of having something wrong.


Vincent speaks of vulnerability, inspiring great tenderness, while he explains to the therapist the frustration of not being for Catherine the perfect man who he would like to be.

But who is it so??

And, frankly, who wants it ?

They love “more than anything.”
They show the consultant with those hands knotted explaining infinitely better than words.

Schermata del 2015-07-04 02:09:20And it’s enough.
And it’s what they need to be happy and to know that you can deal with what fate has set aside for them, without fear of losing what they have for each other.
Codependency? Menage married? Conspirators? Assassins?

No matter who will be angry with them and give them a hard time out there.
Until, in the sweetness of their intimacy, they will get lost in each other’s arms, melt in their heat, and will be the port to find shelter, adversity and enemies will have to get in line.

Together they will be stronger.

Than everybody.

Through everything.


Edited by Lisa

5 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: Review 304 – Heart of the Matter

    Nina Mikal said:
    5 July 2015 at 13:31

    Love your review, great great analysis


    Iris Bee Johnson said:
    5 July 2015 at 16:27

    Thank you so much for your review! I really love the episode, but a lot of people don’t. I tried to explain but i hadn’t any words. Now i’ll recommend your review 🙂


      Paula Corson said:
      5 July 2015 at 16:54

      At first didn’t like the review ,because I thought you were slamming the show, but as I read on enjoyed it emensely . Brings a different insight! #BATB


    bengie balmores (@paugie) said:
    5 July 2015 at 17:15

    you nailed it.., that’s why i love the episode yet there are some scenes than u will raised ur eyebrow on Cat, bec. she’s not the Catherine we used to know but in the end i understand her…tyvm …i think some beasties need to read your review. 😀


    Mary said:
    5 July 2015 at 17:53

    A very well thought out review! I agree with you on what the writers are trying to convey, which is a great concept. However, I don’t feel like they’re actually getting those feeling across as well as they could be. It all feels a little too shallow & light hearted for me personally & I don’t think it does the show any good in terms of winning over any new viewers, if people need to watch 2 or 3 times to get what they’re trying to convey. Only us dedicated Beasties will do that, most others will more than likely just dismiss this as a sitcom – which is fine if that’s what they are looking for &/or if that’s the market that the writers are now trying to win over, but it’s a little disappointing for me personally, because I fell in love with a much deeper & more passionate show & VinCat, than what I’m currently seeing. I still enjoy it, but I’m desperately yearning for that something more. Fingers crossed it will start to be a little more dramatic as time goes on. The next episode does look very promising in the trailer, so I am feeling a little more hopeful at the moment, that it will turn around. I do love the humour & many many things about this season, but I’m just a little frustrated with the shallowness of late.


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