Beauty And The Beast: Review 305 – The Most Dangerous Beast

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“You know, maybe there is hope for us yet”
Words of Vincent, at the end of the episode, which made me think a lot.
They struck me like a flash of awareness.

I was moved.

But they pass almost unnoticed as they are followed by the;
“Would you ever stop your heart for me?”
“Every time I see you”
A conversation that remains in the memory as one of the most intense lines between Vincent and Catherine.

Schermata del 2015-07-11 00:31:36Yet these words are just as intense and full of meaning as those with which Vincent speaks of hope.
Hope for them, he says, but it is as if he meant hope for himself, summing up in one sentence all that this episode tells us about their trip and the direction it is taking.
Beginning with what could have been the grand finale, after having proposed, a glimpse of what could have been – and never will be – the life of Vincent and Catherine, the season kicks suddenly with speed and meaning and the sails inflated by the wind of truth and hope.

‘The Most Dangerous Beast’ is one of the more intense episodes and one of the most filled with meaning in the three seasons.
It is one of those moments that mark time, which define the characters giving reason to their actions, both for the past and for the future.

Schermata del 2015-07-12 00:11:42So we find out that the almost pedantry with which Catherine has stressed the extreme danger of any transformation of Vincent, nothing was as that of the weight of feeling responsible for his salvation. The fear immense enough as reason not to cross the border, as a reason to fight to remain human.
At the same time the weight and the fear are swept by a whisker by the trust, immense, immeasurable, that she feels for him. Carol, yet another obstacle on the path of peace and happiness that she wants to start with Vincent, Catherine is well aware that he will do the same, struggling with all his heart because nothing destroys their love and the hope of a shared future.

Schermata del 2015-07-11 00:26:07I’m back to hope.

The hope of Vincent.

In the fight against Bob and to save JT, we see Vincent / Beast new and scary, conscious and determined to push to the extremes of it’s wild nature, to appeal to all the strength of the Beast. Is this to save or avenge JT? We do not know yet but he is ready to risk everything in the name of his friend.
Bob died. We do not know who won.
There are very long times when the primordial being that is in Vincent lingers exulting in the freedom granted and we look at it wondering where Vincent is and whether or not it is too late.

Schermata del 2015-07-12 00:17:01Even JT, lying on the ground after the heroic attempt to save it – how nice his: “Sorry. Can’t ” in response to the formal notice that Bob and Vincent implore him to move – even JT as I said looks at him without fear in his eyes. How strong the certainty that his friend is more human than ever, to act prompted by his feelings.

“Remember, you can save yourself! Remember Cat’s love, it’s always there! ”

He reminded him a moment before, sure as he is that the friend has in himself the ability to save, to dominate his whole being thanks to the love he has for Catherine.
And yes that JT is an authoritative voice, the most qualified to say how huge and powerful the love that Vincent feels for Cat.
Why he was there, at his side, when life seemed no reason and there was only room for the self-hatred.
He was also there in the long years in when he met Catherine in the woods, when living meant dreaming
And he was always there even when Vincent knew her and dream became hope and even the heinous nature of the Beast used to satisfy the burning thirst for justice for her and made it bearable.
JT has seen the painful path that led Vincent to accept every part of himself in the name of love and of the possibility of a life with Catherine at his side, including the firm will to feel worthy even when she seemed to have made choices easier.

Schermata del 2015-07-12 00:19:00It’s all here Vincent, all in this path of acceptance, awareness, hope and love, that makes him a character with a unique intensity, hard to match.
Never mind if he doesn’t know himself as well as JT knows him. Never mind if the anxiety and fear of not living up to expectations and desires of his beloved shake his eyes and make his voice raspier. Its vulnerability is the part that we love most in him, what makes him so dear.
Because it is strong, so strong to appeal to the other self to break Bob like a twig and then even harder to ignore any call that is not the woman he lives for, the one in whose eyes he loses his dawn and his sunset.

Schermata del 2015-07-12 00:23:45No one can choose any of what happens. It would be utopian to think otherwise.
Vincent did not choose his condition, and certainly didn’t wish the abyss within himself.
He tried to fight it, but you cannot fight something that is part of you, you can not change what touches you in fate.

You can decide how to live though, with what you have been given and that’s what Vincent did.
With all of humanity that comes from trying without certainty of the result. From not giving up even when the cards give you a loser, Vincent struggled to have the love of Catherine.
He fought against himself and fate for a chance of happiness, for hope of a different future.
The ability to fall in love, be worthy of her and want her happy, made him stronger than any beast, raising his humanity.
Love, hope, trust are the anchors that hold Vincent, and we know they do not ever allow him to cross the border of the abyss.
It affects the intensity of her feelings when, in response to Catherine asking him reason of his love, he confesses with a look rather than with words, to live for her.

Schermata del 2015-07-11 00:30:06Catherine was wrong on the roof, a few moments before receiving the proposal.

“I really believe that we’re in this together for a reason, not just for love. . ”

Together for a reason, not just for love.
Of course, two that are “better together”, everything comes together better, even fight the bad guys to save the world.

But Vincent knows that whatever life has in store for them, they cannot be separated from the love they feel for each other.

“Except, without That, I’d be lost”

For love, when deep and intense and as strong as the other, is the boat that takes you back home.

And the reason to stay alive and keep hoping.


Edited by Lisa

5 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beast: Review 305 – The Most Dangerous Beast

    Ceci said:
    13 July 2015 at 1:55

    Love it, season 3 is great


    Mary said:
    13 July 2015 at 2:21

    Thank you for that beautiful & poetic viewpoint Federica! 😊


    Kerry Blanning said:
    13 July 2015 at 2:30

    What a wonderful review you had me in tears at some of your comments so true but I had never thought of their story that way and had forgotten how long Vincent had watched over Catherine.


    Wilma Gelderblom (@WilmaBatB) said:
    13 July 2015 at 5:17

    LOVE it Frederica, TY!! Great review 🙂 #batb


    Sin bella said:
    13 July 2015 at 8:39

    Great review!!! Thank you so much😊. Loved the episode!!


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