Beauty and the Beast: Review 307 – Both Sides Now

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Schermata del 2015-07-24 01:06:56

What value have the dreams that guide us and inspire us? After all, for so long you have believed that you have neither the right to dream, to hope or to choose and have a future….

Immense and immeasurable.

The dreams that survive the abyss of discouragement and despair are to be stored with care, protected with decision, because they are often the reason for the persistence and courage – and why not ?! – for the victory of that despair and that discouragement..

But I cannot always start from the end, so first things first……

I was totally impressed by “Both Sides Now” and it took me so much to be able to write about the reason for it.
I took so long to be able to assess the episode in two different profiles, clutching, invariably at what excited me.

I do not know if it’s a conscious choice, product packaging or its requirement of having to play the season in 13 episodes wanting to unravel with specific events, but this episode, as mentioned earlier, is stuffed with facts and actions which occur at a pace so fast to risk leaving too many things thrown there in the cauldron and only being mentioned. Too many aspects considered but not developed.

There is so much to show, so much talked about so as to leave little room for so much squeezed into the hectic pace of the sequence of events.

Thus we find our beloved couple sucked into the vortex of escape in an attempt to catch the bad guy, one in employment of a super bad apparently. I get lost with so many bad guys…….created so easily, rendering them unrealistic and dare I say it….boring more than frightful?! .

Schermata del 2015-07-31 18:45:56So onto the crisis between Tess and JT…. There was perhaps more time spent here….moments, not words, to allow Austin and Nina to paint a scenario of JT that shows concerns about himself and about his new reality, mirroring the old concerns about Vincent but without awareness of what has happened and how it has changed the life of Tess perhaps more than his own.

Tess had to confront the fears and anxieties that result from putting your own happiness in the hands of another.

Congratulations to Nina Lisandrello as she was able to experience the evolution of Tess, creating an intense and layered character, emotionally rich from all the enriching experiences that the last two years have brought.

And congratulations from my heart, and my sincere and passionate thanks to Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan who were once again able to instil a total consistency with their emotional characterisation of Catherine and Vincent in every moment of the episode, even when the script may not ensure any level of consistency.

Ben Mark Holzberg/

So it is undoubtedly the Catherine we love, taken by the sense of duty from the search for truth, not realising the value of principle and for Vincent, the bet placed on the plate.
This Catherine, operational, concrete, is the same one that surprises us with the loss of any glimmer of rationality against those who endangered the life of Vincent, trying to reduce her to a helpless spectator.

While she knocks out Julianna, let’s review the rage vehemently against Gabe, driven by the same fury, the fear of losing Vincent.

And that fear she cannot hide and rationality can not always restrain from declaring that Vincent is the most important part of her life.

Schermata del 2015-07-31 18:55:15Vincent …

Despite the defects venial, the episode gives an atmosphere of tender sweetness which accomplices, undeniably, the mood and actions of Vincent.
In this regard I have to give credit to Jay Ryan for having taken to hand his Vincent and to have served with the decision and consistency that even the looks and tone of his voice are enough to give it, even when the script does not help. This accompanies him, in the course of this season as a natural evolution of the path of the previous seasons.

If in fact at first this may seem almost childish obstinacy with which he refuses the thought of getting married really, there was a moment, a gleam in his eye, to remind us of a Vincent melancholy and resigned to the thought of not being able to ever offer to Catherine moments of a normal life. A look thrown out of a window, and a “this is not right”, to review the enthusiasm, passion and intensity of proposing to Catherine and wanting to get serious, from the swimming pool of a hotel a long time ago.

BB307a_0276bVincent had thought that hope was not right to exist in the dark years when he lived in the warehouse.
The presence of Catherine in the warehouse had lit a flame too often shaken by the events and the frustration of not being able to change things.
The image of a future full painted with fervour in the pool, that was in fact for a long time, more than just a dream.

A dream…


Our dreams are often a struggle to achieve when, for too long without even the slightest hope, we realize that it is up to us to have the courage of wanting to try and make them come true anyway. If you do not at least try, what is the meaning of life?!

Vincent on the roof, in the first episode, putting onto the finger of Catherine the ring that had been his mother’s, having decided to fight as there is no need to hold back and because there is a reason to act for the greater good and the salvation of many, chooses to believe strongly in their dreams. Dreams do not have to remain only dreams but must find a way to become part of your life.

Eloping to Niagara Falls, without understanding it initially, Catherine threatens to take away the crown of what is for him the most important of all life.

We know and he knows it too, that Catherine is already his.
That his love for her is immense and unique, that they are to be together all their lives and perhaps beyond and do not need pieces of paper to certify it.

Schermata del 2015-07-31 19:08:36But this is precisely the point.

The marriage would not be for Vincent the legal seal for his love of Catherine, which is just what you get with a piece of paper.

“That’s not enough for me,” he says to Catherine who is trying to figure out what to change and how to get married for two people who love each other like them.

Catherine’s gaze is the look of love, has been so from the beginning.
It’s always been so open in the grasp of humanity and the intensity of the feelings for Vincent to be able to set aside, as if to forget sometimes, the dark side and bestial.

But Vincent not.

He never forgets, even for a moment, to be man and beast, sensitive soul and monstrous creature.

He cannot.

The love of Catherine gave him the power of control.
The immensity of the love he feels for her overcomes all obstacles, all that they have faced together and have allowed him to open his heart to the dreams again, infusing the courage to want to live them.

A wedding to remember.

As that of the parents.
Surrounded by family and friends.
“The best day of their lives”.
The gesture of a MAN and a woman joining their lives forever.


Schermata del 2015-07-31 18:59:18

“Till death do us part”


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