Happy Birthday Amazing Beast

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For each of us the exact moment, we fell in love with Beauty and the Beast differs, we each have our own moment.
For me, it was the first scene on fire escape at the end of episode 103;
The “Ouch”, a few words about wanting to be Batman, and that was when my journey with Beauty and the Beast began.

IMG-20150401-WA0000For many, their love is born straight off in the first episode, in the subway tunnels, with the unforgettable moment “You’re him”, or later with the promise to save each other.

Schermata del 2015-08-29 09:36:25

IMG-20150502-WA0003What is certain is that when Catherine, in response to the love practically confessed by Vincent in the artist studio in ep 106, admits the importance that he has in her life, the fandom was already conquered.

worthBut the show or by Vincent?
Is there any difference ?!

As a relative unknown face on US TV, Jay Ryan was given the opportunity to play Vincent, and has made us fall in love with the character all by how he portrays him on screen.

During the past three seasons the path taken by Vincent is compelling and poignant, a climax of moods, emotions and feelings that Jay transmits with vibrating intensity, tuning the heartbeat of this noble, sweet, antihero, to the hearts of a boundless audience eagerly anxious about what will happen.

Schermata da 2014-11-27 00:55:44If Beauty and the Beast is a series whose leading lady, Catherine Chandler, embodies, as Belle in the fairy tale, a prototype of heroin and woman surely be imitated, in search of independence, in her choices, in the purity of spirit and courage in pursuing the goals, the paper would not have been able to confirm the same affective connection to a character, Vincent, in constant tension between the gentle and uncontrollable demon that dwells within him.

imagesAlthough the physical appearance of this versions Beauty and the Beast, does not generate the repulsion of the monster of the tale; the dark feral instincts pulsate in him.

In spite of the warning signs that he never tries to hide, indeed highlights, you end up hopelessly in love with this amazing guy, who without armor nor steed, captivates the heart and the dreamy look of his Catherine…. and of all women ideally lined up behind her.

Schermata del 2015-01-17 01:40:30Credit to Jay Ryan and to the facets with which he painted Vincent, giving him courage and integrity as well as anxiety and vulnerability, outlining with care and delicacy a spirit wounded by the events, incredibly eager for connection, love & hope.

Season after season we see Vincent always show the most fascinating aspects of his character, and we learn more about the romantic, melancholy, brave, funny, scared and passionate Vincent.

It is like Jay Ryan has drawn on all the characters played, and why not, since all the characters encountered in the ideal stage which is the career as an actor, an element, a connotation that helped him to build a mood so multifaceted in giving life to Vincent.

11102683_663914817045825_5829142641059873910_nThe stage has given Jay, the opportunity to prove himself playing every kind of character; troubled romantic, and comedic. The result is amazing, a skill in the quite extraordinary ~ a wealth of expressive intensity poignant.

Fans of Beauty and the Beast are fully aware of the privilege of seeing the interpretation of Vincent entrusted to an actor as charismatic and versatile, they are aware of the privilege to experience the intensity of the story as true, thanks to the intensity of the emotions spilled into the story, always, without sparing himself.

11975552_10205157063628549_860731397_o CMEwNHFW8AAVE-l.jpg:large jay-ryan-as-kevin1 nm1216008 The-Packer-5998448



Because on one hand this adaptation of the fairy tale has developed in the course of three seasons, more and more fantastic elements, a nod to the mythology, on the other is just the emotional universe, the sentimental aspect, vibrating of extraordinary, human truthfulness.

So while we wait for the end of the third season, and while in Toronto they are filming the second half of the fourth season, it is on this day that we take the opportunity to send Jay a Special THANKS.

Thank you for what you bring to Vincent, making us all little “beasts” allowing us to grasp, behind the beating of the heart of Vincent, slowly, from a distance, even your heart.
Happy Birthday Jay Ryan!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amazing Beast

    Sin bella said:
    30 August 2015 at 16:05

    Truly amazing article! !!! When people ask me why I love #Batb so much…..its simple. It’s the characters especially JR. The way he portrays Vincent simply incredible. ….his facial expressions. ..the way he displays emotions. …no words needed. He’s mesmerising, just a pleasure to watch and hypnotising. Words could never express the way his character has managed to keep us hooked season after season but JR deserves a medal for his outstanding performance! !!!!!!!

    Thank you for this beautiful article! !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    pbarretcorson said:
    30 August 2015 at 18:25

    Frederica and Dory this was very very beautiful! You artfully summed up what every beastie truely believes to be true of Jay Ryan as Vincent! (And of the whole beastie team) thank you for sharing! The videos and pictures were awesome as well! #BATB


    belinda said:
    30 August 2015 at 23:04

    You summed it spot on…the article describes the exact way that all the Beasties feel…beautifully written….


    Lost in TV responded:
    29 August 2016 at 12:12

    Reblogged this on Lost in TV and commented:

    Years pass. Feeling stay.
    Happy Birthday Jay Ryan


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