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After a long hibernation…

When you are talking about the uniqueness of the love story narrated by Vincent and Catherine in Beauty and the Beast, as well as the intense chemistry shown by the two main protagonists, Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk, in giving life to their characters, it is natural to take as example the episode Kidnapped, to try either one and the other thing.

Many many episodes in fact tell the romance, the passion, the rawness of a love that, in an almost mystical and predestined way, binds these two together.

But among these few moments are at the level of those of this episode to tell the intimate connection, almost primal, that binds Vincent and Catherine simply as a man and a woman, leading them to look for, to want, to love each other, against logic and rationality, breaking any canon of common sense because that “something” that drives them toward each other is stronger than the logic, rationality and common sense.

It’s wonderful – credit should be given to the clarity of Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin’s ideas in designing the entire season – it’s wonderful to see how the episode that so intensely and directly gives us the strongest evidence than Vincent and Catherine are deeply connected and meant to be together, it is also the episode that cries out like a warning, that when one or both cease to be faithful to this feeling, to the spontaneity and inevitability of their love, the consequences were causing a pain that takes the breath away, carrying the knowledge that it will be only suffering, regret and resignation away from each other.

From this awareness, from their sorrow in the final moments, and not from the drama and the separation of “Man or Beast”, the search journey begins, that will bring each of them to tread through the implications of their own soul, to find him and herself before than the other, to return to choose each other again as a couple, living the bond and the connection as something strengthening them, enhancing them, making them the humans that individually they cannot be.

But I ran too much to anticipating the end of the episode and the context of the entire season.
Let’s go a step back to linger a moment longer on what makes this episode totally unique and memorable.

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Any given moment of the interaction between Vincent and Catherine throughout the episode is a pearl of emotion, sensuality and sexiness.
Raise your hand if, in the first scene on the roof, you did not have the beat accelerated fidgeting uncomfortably as Cat, torn between the desire to get closer, to establish contact with that Vincent so enigmatic, and the fear of committing a step false and see him disappear again.

And raise the hand even those who have not seen in the look and in the rigidity of Vincent perhaps a higher anxiety, the entirely rational effort to control and not give in, not let himself go, giving power to the attraction, curiosity, eagerness that would like to see him there to ask and talk, and discover the universe of fascinating mystery that surrounds this girl so sure of their connection but which he does not know anything more than what he knows of his own past, nothing.

About Catherine, the logic provides pretty good reason to fear her and steer far away as possible. Definitely she knows so much, it is true, but it is a policeman, was looking for him, never stopped, she has indeed been tracking him everywhere even after the murder of Zhao.
Vincent’s training was accurate; the concepts precise.
There is no room for anything else but the mission that he has to make.
Anyone who tries to hinder him it’s potentially an enemy, a probable danger.

Yet when he surprises Catherine to talk about shadow him and stop him in the prison parking he doesn’t get rid of her.
He does not leave her somewhere unconscious in her car; does not take her back to her house.
He rather takes her with him, to his place, his hiding place, and ties her and blindfolds her telling himself that it’s the best thing to avoid compromising his mission, which keeps her there close to him, is the best thing to do.

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Sure it’s definitely the best thing to overlook the turmoil overwhelming him, the emotions that keep him from being too rude even kidnapping her, turning a tight aggressive block in a kind of inexplicable seductive embrace.

So stop reading here those who have not swallowed empty while Vincent walks to Catherine bending to remove the blindfold to meet her eyes.
Stop reading immediately those who do not hold the breath while a little later he bends again, unties her with a slowness that also slows our breathing, sits on the edge of the sofa, drawing her to him, clutching the chair because he would show to be too disarming in his attraction, too vulnerable if he directly grabbed her and hold her as he wishes to hold, and breathing her as he wants to breathe, because heaven knows if he can explain it but he feels to be a magnet launched inexorably towards this fragile and wonderful creature, yet petulant and stubborn, that is complicating his life, but far more breaking his defenses and upsetting his mood.

How many things those hands on that wrist disclose.
How many things those eyes in the eyes confess.
The connection and empathy are so intimate, so enveloping to us but so scaring to Vincent, that starting talking out loud about datings and kisses seems to him less dangerous than what is happening on that couch.

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But nothing can stop the stroke of a magnet entered the field of attraction of the force that catches it, especially if this force is given by another magnet projected to the contact by the same thrust.

Seemingly filmed in slow motion moments that show Vincent and Catherine approaching very slowly for one, two, more kisses, overwhelmed by the desire to be back in each other’s arms … Distracted, they overwhelm us too impetuously, lucky spectators of a magic alchemy, unique and unrepeatable, that we do not need to be explained, because we have lived with them, moment by moment, feelings and emotions.

Heave a sigh of relief as we see them cuddling in bed, a little later, when heard the passion, it is not turned off the desire to be close, and that sweetness and tenderness to speak, to whisper them and us that everything has changed but nothing is lost, that instinct remembers what memory has darkened, heart sees beyond what reason fears.

That ephemeral relief!

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If they really stay to feel the emotions and feelings that led them to that bed, if they really listen to the message of their inner side, they would prove to the world and Bob Reynolds, to sincere friends and to those interested, that theirs is not an ordinary love and when they are together, their strength crumbles adversity and attempts to divide them, because home, life, happiness is only when they are in each other’s arms.
Unfortunately they decide what to listen to is the peremptory ringing of a phone, which has the effect of silencing the murmur of feelings putting them back in icy dimension governed by reason and conventions.
Then there they were, in a blink of an eye, the soldier and the officer, all taken from the respective missions rather than from each other.

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Vincent does not trust Catherine … cannot say, cannot explain. He does not want her to be in danger so ties her back to the chair.
So her… she shakes his hand serenely, but do not listen, you do not trust him, she fears his actions and goes to look for him with Gabe.

Catherine would understand Vincent if only he trusted her and explained.

He would save a life and would return as he said, as always, but she does not believe him, no longer knows who he is, now she doubts about him, also if she had once seen his heart where the others would not have seen but darkness.

Nobody hinders their love, this time. Nobody separates them dramatically and cruelly.
They do everything by themselves on that roof.
They do not believe in each other, they never did since they found themselves back.

Catherine is alone, so alone …. for one reason or another those around her always give her the wrong advice, to follow the logical path, the simplest, never the one that would make her happy.
When she follows her heart she makes no mistake.
The heart and instinct led her to Vincent.
Instinct says even once it she should trust.
She knows how he’s wonderful, she knows his heart, his soul.

She thinks she’s doing the right thing, protecting him even without understanding, without knowing, because the instinct tells her to trust.
Though she comes back, not content with having him there, ready to be hers again. As she wants him back how he was. In the change that she doesn’t understand she looses her trust…

Vincent does not understand much of all this Cat’s mood, instinctively knows to be tied to Catherine, knows that it must be something special, because every fibre of his body and his soul, the animal instincts and human emotions … all shouts deafeningly that Catherine was his and that he belongs to her.
He also knows that it is not about physical attraction, erotic chemistry, because the “pull” that he confesses to try to Catherine is what makes him protective and caring, to wish her safety, makes him feel bad thinking to hurt her.

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He could blur away, disappearing forever to her eyes, however he shows again, he approaches her.
All the principles and qualms that had not kept him away from her in his first life, apparently fail again. The triumph of the impossibility to resist its part is all in that “I’m sure I didn’t” as a justification for not having definitely wanted to keep off Cat intentionally but only to protect her.

But his attempted reproaching has all different tones for Catherine.
On the boat first and then on the roof, she is not going through the first faltering steps of a story.
No discovery for her.
She sees the man she loved, she wants to love the man he once was..
His being changed breaks her heart.
Her not accepting to love the diversity that emerges in him breaks his heart sinking inadequacy.
Neither of them is ready to what it means to be with each other after what has happened.
Not trusting
Nor jumping.
Because when instinct tells you that he is the one you want, she’s your part of the “one”, you must believe the instinct.

They had done.
And life had answered that they had done well.
That it was the right choice.
That they were meant to be.

But now fate has put them to the test …
Now that it has split them and then taken them back together, facing each other, they have to prove that it was all right and that whatever happens now, they are and will always be those born to love each other in spite of everything.
Because love means to keep finding themselves, wanting and renewing the will to totally accept each other beyond considerations and opportunities.

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Neither of them are ready when they meet on the roof at the end of the episode.
Catherine does not hold back in showing her vulnerability, her emotions, to the point to look annoying, because she is fighting for what she cares… but she asks the wrong questions, judging hastily.

Vincent does exactly the same. He is not ready to be true and does not understand how she is.
He acts on impulse without realizing how much is wounding her, and brutally hurts her, even before the strike, because it tears her apart emotionally.

The blow that Vincent inflicts on Catherine on the roof will mark them both forever.
They will not stop a second to love each other, never even when where they will be opposed, opponents, or when they will shake other hands, being with other people…

Cat shooting Vincent, him apparently choosing his beast path, and Gabe and Tory… have nothing to do with the journey that Vincent will have to make to choose to want Catherine in his life and Catherine to admit to want Vincent back in hers.

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The journey begins with their disoriented and terrified eyes on that roof, aware to have broken something that will never return as before.
It won’t never be to find themselves back… it will have to be to discover each other again.


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