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A Love Song For Catherine Chandler

When my 10 year old daughter, saw me looking happy and dreamy after watching “Man or Beast“, she, who had not yet seen it, told me: “Mom, do not be upset, but I think this third season of Beauty and the Beast I shall not see.”
Genuinely surprised, because she is a passionate fan, attentive and sensitive I ask for the reason.

“We left them united and happy on that bench. ‘Together’ it is the last word of a wonderful season that saw them overcome all obstacles, against all odds.

Muirfield no longer exists, Bob is in jail, Gabe died. Both Vincent and Catherine accepted that Vincent is a beast and learned to live with this awareness rather than fight it.

What can still succeed? And what can we still want from them? We should let them live their happy ending without peeking at them. Every fairy tale ends at the happy ending!”

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In her words I knew exactly what I would write about this episode.
Man or Beast is, in fact, a love song.
It´s the declaration of adoration, passion, devotion of a man to his life woman – his “Only One” by Ed Sheeran beautiful notes.

Not because we are witnessing with emotion to one of the strongest, poignant, touching, proposals we have ever witnessed, rather ask Catherine to marry him is, among all the things he says and does in this episode, certainly one that Vincent accomplished with a bit of selfish involvement.
It’s something he cannot do without.
It’s the strength that makes his heart beat.
It´s the oxygen he breathes.
It´s his life.

We can find both the strength and the tenderness of his love for Catherine in everything he does until the moment he comes out that door on the roof, their roof – a little bit “our“ roof!

I must say the truth, as opposed to my daughter, I did not mind at all “peeking ” at the normality of their happy ending.

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The passion with which they approach on the roof, the tenderness with which they wake up together in the morning, their joyful harmony, are among the best moments that we saw them living, some of the ones that we would never stop to see.

However, Life is a strange thing. It is never just as you want it, never as you expect it, even if you are not aware that it’s no one else to decide it for you.
Simply it´s not the will or the rationality which makes decisions. It´s your inner self, who you have been, who you are and who you can become, your roots and all the stories that you have lived… All guides you and show you the way to follow at every crossroad on your path.
And even if your rational side tries to avoid it telling you to take the other directions, you know where you’ll end up.

It´s exactly what JT tried to tell Vincent with his pep talk, to help him resolve the conflict that tears him apart.

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He does not want to “do” the beast Vincent, even if he is a beast.
He saw as endangering his humanity has taken Catherine away as anything before, and he does not want to miss Catherine. Never again.
He is afraid even to take the risk.
He could not bear it. He could not survive.
Not again.

Then we see him mad, hurt because she seems not to understand that it is not risk or danger to himself he wants away, but anything that can put her in danger. Anything to put their “together” in danger.
Then we see him harshly to blame her because she has no idea what is going on and what it means to him.

He did not want to celebrate the return to work. He wanted to ask her to marry him.
He did not want to celebrate the return to normality. He wanted to set it forth.
Normality is to have her in his life.
Nothing else matters.

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Catherine, rather, makes a misjudgement. Not the first. Probably not the last.
However, it´s not hard to forgive her because hers is a mistake prompted by fear.
The fear of not matching up with this wonderful man who loves her with his whole being; the fear and a little disbelief that still does not allow her to believe the true immensity of love he feels.

Vincent, his part, knows that he cannot back down. His life speaks of the inability to turn his back, always, even when it meant risking everything.
He knows it and he is ready to face what is coming, with the same courage with which he faces the unknown threat when he first meets Zane.
It´s nothing but his old habits, how he ever acted to protect Catherine and countless innocent people, he is not scared at all.

However, he paid really a high price in the past when he didn´t let go of an injustice and he is no longer willing to pay it again.
The suffering and the pain of seeing Catherine go away, thinking he’s lost her forever, has taught him that he must always listen to the voice that speaks from within.
His hardest fight, the one he has to win every day if he wants a chance to live happily, is to accept his condition as a gift rather than a curse, putting his power at the service of what must be done, of course.
Likewise choosing to live his life with Catherine means to accept and to live the same way the vulnerability to be human as a gift rather than a weakness.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.15.03

The one who comes out of the door on the roof with his eyes shining with emotion even before approach and starts to talk is not a beast.
Not even a superhero.
It´s just a normal guy who lives his life and approaches his destiny with the knowledge that no one can decide how life and destiny will be, where they will lead you, however you can always decide how to deal with what will be. Moreover, with those who stand in front of what will come and walk the path.

No risk is not worth running, nor danger not worth facing, if Catherine is at his side.
To lose Catherine is the only risk that scares him, the only danger that he wants to turn away.

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Then he pleased her, with the awareness that it is also the best thing to do. The most heroic one.

He had dreamt everything like this in fairy tales and mushy movies, poor Vincent.
He wanted his “normal” was sealed by a special moment, to treasure forever.
Therefore, it was!
Because he made it unforgettable actually, with gestures and words etched in Catherine´s heart – and in ours – as in bronze.
He has had the courage to take the most important step.
The riskiest.
Reclaim his life, his dreams, and happiness, in spite of everything.
He wanted the perfect, though he has not taken so long to realize that there is no perfect moment.
There is the moment you want. The one you catch.
You cannot build normal.
Normal is what makes you get up happy in the morning.
Vincent had the courage to live it he tasted it, now he wants it, and he is ready to fight to not lose it.
He wants Catherine in his life and tells her so, simply, stunningly.
With a bit of hesitation before and a release of happiness then.
We love him immensely.
Catherine loves him immensely.
Because he chose to write the word FOREVER next to TOGETHER.

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PS: My daughter?!
She has seen the episode.
Her comment.
“I understand now why you said it was important to see it before judging.
The risk was there, to make something schmaltzy, but they have been good.
They speak of life, not of fairytale and they remind us how fairytales exist sometimes in real life if you have the courage to embrace it. ”


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One thought on “Beast of Wall Street

    e@n (@ean_nae) said:
    14 April 2016 at 6:21

    Bless you darling! All the VinCat feels from reading your review ♥ *Normal is what makes you get up happy in the morning.* SO TRUE! I will read ALL your reviews because you write in the language of love. You understand Vincent’s vulnerability because he’s now had a taste of their happily ever after together and it’s everything he ever wanted which makes him even more scared to lose Catherine again. Not only that but he is scared to lose himself whenever he beasts out. I love how much he loves her even with her “difficult side.” And I love her for calling his Beast “a gift.” He already knows he loves her but when she said that it also proves to him again how much she loves him in that she accepts that dark part of him too and doesn’t love him any less for it. The simple proposal was just so sweet touching and beautiful ~ all the elements that make VinCat’s relationship so special to watch ~ my only wish for the show now is that their married life will give us even more treasured moments like this in S4 ~ VinCat forever ♥

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