Monsieur et Madame Bête

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Not a review, just my thoughts.

We last saw VinCat in the Season 3 finale blissfully happy to be married – the season 4 premiere picks up during their honeymoon and we find them happy again, uncorking a bottle of cheerful and blissful moments.
The return of Beauty and the Beast could not have started in a more perfect and idyllic way.
Vincent and Catherine as we’d always wanted to see them – Together, relaxed and happy, to enjoy a closeness that tastes so much like a happy ending.

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But, “Monsieur et Madame Bête”, is a premiere, not a finale.
It is hard to admit, but we are all aware of how a happy ending is something which we aspire for, not something which we attain from the beginning of any relationship. Events occur all too frequently in ones attempt at a happy ending and therefore you come crashing back to reality. These events do not just occur because fate rages about you, often they occur simply from what makes us who we are, where we are at the time of the event or the path we are choosing to take.

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Both JT and Heather, but, above all Vincent, show to have acquired this knowledge about their life and their destiny. JT and Heather are charged in this episode to introduce the theme of the entire season, like actors entrusted with the prologue in a Greek tragedy.

This last part of the journey is quietly whispered by Vincent, who leads us with his intense stare, tender smile yet very protective instinct.
Everything in his behaviour gives value to the road that he has paved from the beginning, changing and growing without ever leaving an ounce of himself.

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Let’s give credit where credit is due, Jay Ryan’s character strength and expressive intensity makes this season premiere enjoyable. He paints a wonderful character portrait and has not distorted but rather strengthened Vincent from the very beginning through all the production and story changes of BATB without distorting but rather strengthening, the character he portrays.

It can be said, this episode has a certain narrative style, so we taste a little longer some moments dedicated to moods, or looks, which sometimes run away too fast.
It may miss the characters inner world, as this episode has a thread of frenzy and expository narrative style, that made third season’s episodes so dense in words and events.
However, if this fact alone would justify discomfort and negativity towards the episode, there is something in Beauty and the Beast, something in characters inner soul, which prevents  narrative structure and plot, to overturn them,narrating something different from their individual path.

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Then I wonder what was the happy ending both Catherine Tess expected, how would they aspire for their “normality”.
“Come back to our lives” Tess repeated in this episode.
“Start living a normal life” Cat echoed.
But how can they both think that “normal” exists, and especially that it is possible to ignore and delete the experiences, to return to an earlier time which does not even exist, except as a long distant memory. JT admirably expresses his feelings and thoughts to Tess on the matter – He can not move forward and forget. He has changed. Time, events, emotions, have an irreversible effect on our personality and our way of being.
No way back.
That’s why Tess and JT, both together and each on their own, will have to learn to deal with who they are, what they know, how they see the world, how they learn to live with it, rather than denying it.

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Catherine will also have to come to terms with the fact that Vincent is not a normal person. She will have to stop worrying about what may happen, and take each day as it comes.
They will always have to deal with circumstances that put Vincent in danger.
Catherine will not be able to predict, prevent and stop the challenges that life with her beast will bring.
Whenever Cat tried to distort the essence of Vincent, it only brought pain and sorrow to them both.

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Vincent is not a superhero – he knows it and has expressed it many times.
Catherine can not forget this fact either even when she has allowed herself to deliver a cheerful, “Don’t forget to save me” that seems very similar to Mary Jane’s “Face it, tiger” in Spiderman.

Vincent “superpowers”  – if we want to call them superpowers –  are related to the beast inside him. Which are most definitely a darker part of Vincent.
This darker part of Vincent, crosses the line, looses control and challenges the abyss.
We can not forget that.
Catherine can not forget it because Vincent, will never forget it.
Nevertheless he is determined to not allow these “powers” lead his life nor to take away any more than what he has already been forced to sacrifice.

Beauty and the Beast is not just a love story. The love VinCat share plays an important role and is the central character, they have overcome many obstacles for their love … They are even married!
What more do we want from them ?!
Catherine wants the eternal sugar and an escape from reality. It is not like she won’t be able to have what she wants, but she must gain awareness of the meaning of happily ever after and the value of such a notion.

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Vincent, conquered the clear perception of who he was during season two, when he decided that nothing in his life was worth more than Catherine. Nothing.

Vincent is a hero, a very human hero and miles from all those comic book superheroes who don’t necessarily have everything to loose when choosing saving others.

He is a man experiencing an extraordinary condition, absolutely independent of his desires and his will.
He grew to understand that it is worth it to try to achieve what you want, in spite of what might happen. You can accept the fate, you can live with the risk and accept the responsibility.

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Salvation comes rather from living a happy life without wasting time waiting.

Normal is not bliss, almost never.
Fate is not what happens – It is you.
The experience changes you inexplicably  and there is no way to go back. Yet, there is the prospect of a happy ending.
Never mind if their fate is to fight against evil forever. They will be together forever.
They just have to learn how to fill their moments with happiness and bring meaning to their version of “together”.
When he reveals this awareness, Vincent is really like the Beast of the fairy tale, he gets his salvation accepting himself, all thanks to love.

Love is the cure.
Love will be the way to their happy ending.
No matter what they may face.


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2 thoughts on “Monsieur et Madame Bête

    sinbella said:
    5 June 2016 at 21:47

    Beautifully written Federica. …very insightful and spot on. I love the character growth and for me I it’s the the characters and their performance that i love the most, which this show means so much to me.
    Thank you Federica xx

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      Lost in TV responded:
      6 June 2016 at 1:26

      Thanks Sin, I’m totally with you. The reason I watch Beauty and the Beast is the characters path, so… 😉


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