Down For The Count

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A little bit late…

After the happy ending of the second season on the East-End bench, after the proposal in the beginning and the wedding in the finale of last season, it was more than legitimate to ask how it would this wonderful love story be developed, in terms of the evolution of their relationship as a couple.

I have always been contrary to the idea of a happy ending in terms of “cure” for Vincent since the first season.
I have always been attracted most by a finale with our two heroes happy, forever together with their choices, their future and their destiny, in spite of all that inevitably was beyond their control.

The first three episodes of this final season of Beauty and the Beast and this third episode, more than the first two, seem to corroborate my vision of Vincent and Catherine as a couple and of which their future will be.

The entire episode, this time, praises how much Vincent and Catherine love one another, how much beyond the surface of attraction and falling in love they are, how solid and unassailable is the bond that binds them.

Mutual awareness of what they built together is all the more valid and admirable as the chaos around them and the events scramble to remind them that there are no certainties, that danger is lurking, that the life you are living could be turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

This time it does not matter, really does not matter.
They are and will always be there for the other, they will always be stronger than the events in their desire and resolution to be happy together.

So Catherine – Our Catherine who seems recovered from a seemingly boring version of herself in the first period of their living together – does not hesitate a moment to give up her job, to endanger her friendship with Tess, to risk her safety because it comes to protecting Vincent.

Vincent, who would die for her and thankfully no longer has to prove it, is so touching, tender in his determination to give her what she wants, however its a “normal” dose, trying to show a total lead, the ability to manage in an “ordinary” way, a life that is totally extraordinary.

What most impressed me in this episode, despite a storyline undoubtedly hysterical and incongruent and a script that fails to honor the character’s standing is, in spite of many lacks, a certain consistency of direction which we must foresee almost as hidden in the events unfolding, such as a shade just mentioned which, once glimpsed, gives reason and value to Vincent and Catherine’s path, what they have experienced, what they’re living.

Benjamin Raab and Deric A. Hughes have given us the wonderful “The Most Dangerous Beast” – episode that alone is worth more than all season where it belongs – shown with “Down For The Count”, to have understood, better than most, who Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller really are.

Luckily those who fully know who Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller are and have balance in mind, are Kristn Kreuk and Jay Ryan who paint their characters with a skill, awareness and strength, able to ignore the weakness of both storyline and script.

It doesn’t matter if single lines are not special. If some of them make us cringe at the thought that they have been written for Vincent or Catherine to say them.
The Cat who accepts without blinking of an eye to work for the DHS which comes swaggering with not one, but two rings, to go all the way into protecting Vincent, is not the same Cat who cares about household chores or paying bills.
Likewise, Vincent, who with the determination and the joy of living that only reciprocated love can give, compares his misfortunes to any torque menage, the same Vincent who focuses unhesitatingly what really counts to them, he is not at all the Vincent who demeans their love “in three minutes,” nor who can call Catherine “honey” and “baby” in the space of a line ….

It does not matter, this time it does not count.
Vincent and Catherine (Thank you! Thank you! Thanks Jay and Kristin) are stronger than everything, even of this.

They are stronger than JT and Tess who have to come a long way before getting the acknowledgement that Vincent and Cat have, that there is no normality as there is no perfection.
There is the present, just as it is and you have to live it fully, facing what it reserves you but holding onto what you care about too. You have to be yourself, always and not be afraid of it – Vincent who does not care and has exposed himself as Beast, is a great reward for how much he has suffered and feared his condition – and if you think you have to be someone else to have the approval of the one you love, then maybe you don’t actually love him/her or he/she does not love you enough.

Because when you love, you love it all.
Vincent and Catherine know it.
They know it every time they interact, every time they speak of threats as if they be laughable daily issues.
They know it in the tenderness of gestures they exchange. They remember it in the skill to smile even in the hardest moments, joking about the risk that awaits them at every turn.
A jacket gently resting on her shoulders, a sweet face, a joke, worthily tell a story born in a wood and grown on rooftops and fire escapes.
Narrate the will and the skill to find and to love each other, always.

Then as now.

Danger, drama, are and always have been lurking.
Whatever was waiting for them out of the front door, inside, tenderly together in the light of the candles, there is no enemy or adversity that might undermine their happiness.

The future is tomorrow.

They are the present.


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3 thoughts on “Down For The Count

    Pamela Coordsen Sayers said:
    23 June 2016 at 11:45

    As always Federica brilliantly written! I love “your thoughts” of the deeper meaning that does so show through with many well placed moments, gestures, looks and words in “Down For The Count”. THANK YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    Bella (@sinstefan) said:
    23 June 2016 at 17:24

    Beautifully written Federica!!!! You always manage to see our beautiful show and characters the way most of us do. For me I always see beyond the minor flaws of the script / repetitive words etc… its the characters that always touch my heart. I love the show simply because of the ‘amazing actors’ who have have given us these incredible characters.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    Glaucia M said:
    23 June 2016 at 18:37

    I love BATB and no dubt I’m finding S4 better than the S3. Thanks for this great review.

    Liked by 1 person

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