Happy Birthday Amazing Beast

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Years pass. Feeling stay.
Happy Birthday Jay Ryan

Lost in TV

For each of us the exact moment, we fell in love with Beauty and the Beast differs, we each have our own moment.
For me, it was the first scene on fire escape at the end of episode 103;
The “Ouch”, a few words about wanting to be Batman, and that was when my journey with Beauty and the Beast began.

IMG-20150401-WA0000For many, their love is born straight off in the first episode, in the subway tunnels, with the unforgettable moment “You’re him”, or later with the promise to save each other.

Schermata del 2015-08-29 09:36:25

IMG-20150502-WA0003What is certain is that when Catherine, in response to the love practically confessed by Vincent in the artist studio in ep 106, admits the importance that he has in her life, the fandom was already conquered.

worthBut the show or by Vincent?
Is there any difference ?!

As a relative unknown face on US TV, Jay Ryan…

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