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Down For The Count

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A little bit late…

After the happy ending of the second season on the East-End bench, after the proposal in the beginning and the wedding in the finale of last season, it was more than legitimate to ask how it would this wonderful love story be developed, in terms of the evolution of their relationship as a couple.

I have always been contrary to the idea of a happy ending in terms of “cure” for Vincent since the first season.
I have always been attracted most by a finale with our two heroes happy, forever together with their choices, their future and their destiny, in spite of all that inevitably was beyond their control.

The first three episodes of this final season of Beauty and the Beast and this third episode, more than the first two, seem to corroborate my vision of Vincent and Catherine as a couple and of which their future will be.

The entire episode, this time, praises how much Vincent and Catherine love one another, how much beyond the surface of attraction and falling in love they are, how solid and unassailable is the bond that binds them.

Mutual awareness of what they built together is all the more valid and admirable as the chaos around them and the events scramble to remind them that there are no certainties, that danger is lurking, that the life you are living could be turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

This time it does not matter, really does not matter.
They are and will always be there for the other, they will always be stronger than the events in their desire and resolution to be happy together.

So Catherine – Our Catherine who seems recovered from a seemingly boring version of herself in the first period of their living together – does not hesitate a moment to give up her job, to endanger her friendship with Tess, to risk her safety because it comes to protecting Vincent.

Vincent, who would die for her and thankfully no longer has to prove it, is so touching, tender in his determination to give her what she wants, however its a “normal” dose, trying to show a total lead, the ability to manage in an “ordinary” way, a life that is totally extraordinary.

What most impressed me in this episode, despite a storyline undoubtedly hysterical and incongruent and a script that fails to honor the character’s standing is, in spite of many lacks, a certain consistency of direction which we must foresee almost as hidden in the events unfolding, such as a shade just mentioned which, once glimpsed, gives reason and value to Vincent and Catherine’s path, what they have experienced, what they’re living.

Benjamin Raab and Deric A. Hughes have given us the wonderful “The Most Dangerous Beast” – episode that alone is worth more than all season where it belongs – shown with “Down For The Count”, to have understood, better than most, who Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller really are.

Luckily those who fully know who Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller are and have balance in mind, are Kristn Kreuk and Jay Ryan who paint their characters with a skill, awareness and strength, able to ignore the weakness of both storyline and script.

It doesn’t matter if single lines are not special. If some of them make us cringe at the thought that they have been written for Vincent or Catherine to say them.
The Cat who accepts without blinking of an eye to work for the DHS which comes swaggering with not one, but two rings, to go all the way into protecting Vincent, is not the same Cat who cares about household chores or paying bills.
Likewise, Vincent, who with the determination and the joy of living that only reciprocated love can give, compares his misfortunes to any torque menage, the same Vincent who focuses unhesitatingly what really counts to them, he is not at all the Vincent who demeans their love “in three minutes,” nor who can call Catherine “honey” and “baby” in the space of a line ….

It does not matter, this time it does not count.
Vincent and Catherine (Thank you! Thank you! Thanks Jay and Kristin) are stronger than everything, even of this.

They are stronger than JT and Tess who have to come a long way before getting the acknowledgement that Vincent and Cat have, that there is no normality as there is no perfection.
There is the present, just as it is and you have to live it fully, facing what it reserves you but holding onto what you care about too. You have to be yourself, always and not be afraid of it – Vincent who does not care and has exposed himself as Beast, is a great reward for how much he has suffered and feared his condition – and if you think you have to be someone else to have the approval of the one you love, then maybe you don’t actually love him/her or he/she does not love you enough.

Because when you love, you love it all.
Vincent and Catherine know it.
They know it every time they interact, every time they speak of threats as if they be laughable daily issues.
They know it in the tenderness of gestures they exchange. They remember it in the skill to smile even in the hardest moments, joking about the risk that awaits them at every turn.
A jacket gently resting on her shoulders, a sweet face, a joke, worthily tell a story born in a wood and grown on rooftops and fire escapes.
Narrate the will and the skill to find and to love each other, always.

Then as now.

Danger, drama, are and always have been lurking.
Whatever was waiting for them out of the front door, inside, tenderly together in the light of the candles, there is no enemy or adversity that might undermine their happiness.

The future is tomorrow.

They are the present.


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Monsieur et Madame Bête

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Not a review, just my thoughts.

We last saw VinCat in the Season 3 finale blissfully happy to be married – the season 4 premiere picks up during their honeymoon and we find them happy again, uncorking a bottle of cheerful and blissful moments.
The return of Beauty and the Beast could not have started in a more perfect and idyllic way.
Vincent and Catherine as we’d always wanted to see them – Together, relaxed and happy, to enjoy a closeness that tastes so much like a happy ending.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 17-23-11

But, “Monsieur et Madame Bête”, is a premiere, not a finale.
It is hard to admit, but we are all aware of how a happy ending is something which we aspire for, not something which we attain from the beginning of any relationship. Events occur all too frequently in ones attempt at a happy ending and therefore you come crashing back to reality. These events do not just occur because fate rages about you, often they occur simply from what makes us who we are, where we are at the time of the event or the path we are choosing to take.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 17-42-22

Both JT and Heather, but, above all Vincent, show to have acquired this knowledge about their life and their destiny. JT and Heather are charged in this episode to introduce the theme of the entire season, like actors entrusted with the prologue in a Greek tragedy.

This last part of the journey is quietly whispered by Vincent, who leads us with his intense stare, tender smile yet very protective instinct.
Everything in his behaviour gives value to the road that he has paved from the beginning, changing and growing without ever leaving an ounce of himself.

Schermata del 2016-06-05 19-18-09

Let’s give credit where credit is due, Jay Ryan’s character strength and expressive intensity makes this season premiere enjoyable. He paints a wonderful character portrait and has not distorted but rather strengthened Vincent from the very beginning through all the production and story changes of BATB without distorting but rather strengthening, the character he portrays.

It can be said, this episode has a certain narrative style, so we taste a little longer some moments dedicated to moods, or looks, which sometimes run away too fast.
It may miss the characters inner world, as this episode has a thread of frenzy and expository narrative style, that made third season’s episodes so dense in words and events.
However, if this fact alone would justify discomfort and negativity towards the episode, there is something in Beauty and the Beast, something in characters inner soul, which prevents  narrative structure and plot, to overturn them,narrating something different from their individual path.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 17-45-11

Then I wonder what was the happy ending both Catherine Tess expected, how would they aspire for their “normality”.
“Come back to our lives” Tess repeated in this episode.
“Start living a normal life” Cat echoed.
But how can they both think that “normal” exists, and especially that it is possible to ignore and delete the experiences, to return to an earlier time which does not even exist, except as a long distant memory. JT admirably expresses his feelings and thoughts to Tess on the matter – He can not move forward and forget. He has changed. Time, events, emotions, have an irreversible effect on our personality and our way of being.
No way back.
That’s why Tess and JT, both together and each on their own, will have to learn to deal with who they are, what they know, how they see the world, how they learn to live with it, rather than denying it.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 17-47-28

Catherine will also have to come to terms with the fact that Vincent is not a normal person. She will have to stop worrying about what may happen, and take each day as it comes.
They will always have to deal with circumstances that put Vincent in danger.
Catherine will not be able to predict, prevent and stop the challenges that life with her beast will bring.
Whenever Cat tried to distort the essence of Vincent, it only brought pain and sorrow to them both.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 18-05-53

Vincent is not a superhero – he knows it and has expressed it many times.
Catherine can not forget this fact either even when she has allowed herself to deliver a cheerful, “Don’t forget to save me” that seems very similar to Mary Jane’s “Face it, tiger” in Spiderman.

Vincent “superpowers”  – if we want to call them superpowers –  are related to the beast inside him. Which are most definitely a darker part of Vincent.
This darker part of Vincent, crosses the line, looses control and challenges the abyss.
We can not forget that.
Catherine can not forget it because Vincent, will never forget it.
Nevertheless he is determined to not allow these “powers” lead his life nor to take away any more than what he has already been forced to sacrifice.

Beauty and the Beast is not just a love story. The love VinCat share plays an important role and is the central character, they have overcome many obstacles for their love … They are even married!
What more do we want from them ?!
Catherine wants the eternal sugar and an escape from reality. It is not like she won’t be able to have what she wants, but she must gain awareness of the meaning of happily ever after and the value of such a notion.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 18-04-28

Vincent, conquered the clear perception of who he was during season two, when he decided that nothing in his life was worth more than Catherine. Nothing.

Vincent is a hero, a very human hero and miles from all those comic book superheroes who don’t necessarily have everything to loose when choosing saving others.

He is a man experiencing an extraordinary condition, absolutely independent of his desires and his will.
He grew to understand that it is worth it to try to achieve what you want, in spite of what might happen. You can accept the fate, you can live with the risk and accept the responsibility.

Schermata del 2016-06-03 18-15-24

Salvation comes rather from living a happy life without wasting time waiting.

Normal is not bliss, almost never.
Fate is not what happens – It is you.
The experience changes you inexplicably  and there is no way to go back. Yet, there is the prospect of a happy ending.
Never mind if their fate is to fight against evil forever. They will be together forever.
They just have to learn how to fill their moments with happiness and bring meaning to their version of “together”.
When he reveals this awareness, Vincent is really like the Beast of the fairy tale, he gets his salvation accepting himself, all thanks to love.

Love is the cure.
Love will be the way to their happy ending.
No matter what they may face.


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Beast of Wall Street

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A Love Song For Catherine Chandler

When my 10 year old daughter, saw me looking happy and dreamy after watching “Man or Beast“, she, who had not yet seen it, told me: “Mom, do not be upset, but I think this third season of Beauty and the Beast I shall not see.”
Genuinely surprised, because she is a passionate fan, attentive and sensitive I ask for the reason.

“We left them united and happy on that bench. ‘Together’ it is the last word of a wonderful season that saw them overcome all obstacles, against all odds.

Muirfield no longer exists, Bob is in jail, Gabe died. Both Vincent and Catherine accepted that Vincent is a beast and learned to live with this awareness rather than fight it.

What can still succeed? And what can we still want from them? We should let them live their happy ending without peeking at them. Every fairy tale ends at the happy ending!”

Schermata del 2016-04-13 23-45-11

In her words I knew exactly what I would write about this episode.
Man or Beast is, in fact, a love song.
It´s the declaration of adoration, passion, devotion of a man to his life woman – his “Only One” by Ed Sheeran beautiful notes.

Not because we are witnessing with emotion to one of the strongest, poignant, touching, proposals we have ever witnessed, rather ask Catherine to marry him is, among all the things he says and does in this episode, certainly one that Vincent accomplished with a bit of selfish involvement.
It’s something he cannot do without.
It’s the strength that makes his heart beat.
It´s the oxygen he breathes.
It´s his life.

We can find both the strength and the tenderness of his love for Catherine in everything he does until the moment he comes out that door on the roof, their roof – a little bit “our“ roof!

I must say the truth, as opposed to my daughter, I did not mind at all “peeking ” at the normality of their happy ending.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.01.52Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.02.05


The passion with which they approach on the roof, the tenderness with which they wake up together in the morning, their joyful harmony, are among the best moments that we saw them living, some of the ones that we would never stop to see.

However, Life is a strange thing. It is never just as you want it, never as you expect it, even if you are not aware that it’s no one else to decide it for you.
Simply it´s not the will or the rationality which makes decisions. It´s your inner self, who you have been, who you are and who you can become, your roots and all the stories that you have lived… All guides you and show you the way to follow at every crossroad on your path.
And even if your rational side tries to avoid it telling you to take the other directions, you know where you’ll end up.

It´s exactly what JT tried to tell Vincent with his pep talk, to help him resolve the conflict that tears him apart.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.10.11

He does not want to “do” the beast Vincent, even if he is a beast.
He saw as endangering his humanity has taken Catherine away as anything before, and he does not want to miss Catherine. Never again.
He is afraid even to take the risk.
He could not bear it. He could not survive.
Not again.

Then we see him mad, hurt because she seems not to understand that it is not risk or danger to himself he wants away, but anything that can put her in danger. Anything to put their “together” in danger.
Then we see him harshly to blame her because she has no idea what is going on and what it means to him.

He did not want to celebrate the return to work. He wanted to ask her to marry him.
He did not want to celebrate the return to normality. He wanted to set it forth.
Normality is to have her in his life.
Nothing else matters.

Schermata del 2016-04-13 23-26-00

Catherine, rather, makes a misjudgement. Not the first. Probably not the last.
However, it´s not hard to forgive her because hers is a mistake prompted by fear.
The fear of not matching up with this wonderful man who loves her with his whole being; the fear and a little disbelief that still does not allow her to believe the true immensity of love he feels.

Vincent, his part, knows that he cannot back down. His life speaks of the inability to turn his back, always, even when it meant risking everything.
He knows it and he is ready to face what is coming, with the same courage with which he faces the unknown threat when he first meets Zane.
It´s nothing but his old habits, how he ever acted to protect Catherine and countless innocent people, he is not scared at all.

However, he paid really a high price in the past when he didn´t let go of an injustice and he is no longer willing to pay it again.
The suffering and the pain of seeing Catherine go away, thinking he’s lost her forever, has taught him that he must always listen to the voice that speaks from within.
His hardest fight, the one he has to win every day if he wants a chance to live happily, is to accept his condition as a gift rather than a curse, putting his power at the service of what must be done, of course.
Likewise choosing to live his life with Catherine means to accept and to live the same way the vulnerability to be human as a gift rather than a weakness.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.15.03

The one who comes out of the door on the roof with his eyes shining with emotion even before approach and starts to talk is not a beast.
Not even a superhero.
It´s just a normal guy who lives his life and approaches his destiny with the knowledge that no one can decide how life and destiny will be, where they will lead you, however you can always decide how to deal with what will be. Moreover, with those who stand in front of what will come and walk the path.

No risk is not worth running, nor danger not worth facing, if Catherine is at his side.
To lose Catherine is the only risk that scares him, the only danger that he wants to turn away.

Schermata del 2015-06-15 23:31:30

Then he pleased her, with the awareness that it is also the best thing to do. The most heroic one.

He had dreamt everything like this in fairy tales and mushy movies, poor Vincent.
He wanted his “normal” was sealed by a special moment, to treasure forever.
Therefore, it was!
Because he made it unforgettable actually, with gestures and words etched in Catherine´s heart – and in ours – as in bronze.
He has had the courage to take the most important step.
The riskiest.
Reclaim his life, his dreams, and happiness, in spite of everything.
He wanted the perfect, though he has not taken so long to realize that there is no perfect moment.
There is the moment you want. The one you catch.
You cannot build normal.
Normal is what makes you get up happy in the morning.
Vincent had the courage to live it he tasted it, now he wants it, and he is ready to fight to not lose it.
He wants Catherine in his life and tells her so, simply, stunningly.
With a bit of hesitation before and a release of happiness then.
We love him immensely.
Catherine loves him immensely.
Because he chose to write the word FOREVER next to TOGETHER.

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PS: My daughter?!
She has seen the episode.
Her comment.
“I understand now why you said it was important to see it before judging.
The risk was there, to make something schmaltzy, but they have been good.
They speak of life, not of fairytale and they remind us how fairytales exist sometimes in real life if you have the courage to embrace it. ”


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Till Death

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“Until June and Season 4 we are going to recap Season 2 and Season 3 episodes… randomly, depending on the mood”


At the end of “Recipe for a Disaster” we left our lead characters entangled in a situation really far from rosy, Vincent wrapped up in guilt for Tory’s death, and Catherine who, mistaking that sense of guilt for love, swept into an unlikely relationship with Gabe .

So with these assumptions we get to the Valentine episode, written by Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin.

I state that I have always loved their script, indeed. Maybe not always perfect to set the path of the story but absolutely unbeatable in the dynamics of the scenes and the dialogues. So after Till Death, I raised them on a pedestal from which I would never throw them off because every moment of this episode should be remembered, every line of the script will enter the history of this series.

They wrote it in urgency around the Christmas holidays, the two of them alone and locked at home after Roger Grant wrote the story.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.17.58


It must have been the winter atmosphere or maybe the gloomy snow or loneliness but these two writers have gone beyond their own limits as if inspired, as in the story “Christmas Carol”, by ghosts of other times and other loves, joining them to tell together the depth of feelings by then forgotten, to rediscover and revive them.

Closing your eyes and scrolling through the episode then opening them suddenly, the one and the only protagonist is still on stage, as in any Valentine’s Day one, Love.
Yes, just that. The one with the capital L, the one in the name of which this series is wonderful and unique, the one for which we cheer.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 23.01.43

But it’s obvious to say that it is not the love that leads to the altar, like that of Dana and Sam, because there is the altar, yes, but too much else is missing.

And it’s not the love that leads to the bedroom because I am not wrong thinking that Tess and JT will have to sweat a lot to find out if it’s really love.

It is not the love that brings in Mexico because Gabe already knows in his heart, even if he will deny to the bitter end, that the love, the real one, can’t be bought with cuteness and flattery.

It is not even the love that leads to a new life because love can do anything, except to be born from the rational wish to see it where it isn’t and Cat knows it better than we do, but she is not ready to admit it.

Then, you say, which is this great Love which this episode is filled of and where does it lead?!

But where, if not on a couch, shocked by the realization that even the one who wanted to be loved by you had the perception of how strong was your feelings for the only one in your life?!

Or in a dungeon, more shaken than a mouse in a cage, prisoner of nothing but the beating of a heart, her heart.

Or away, fast, running from her house because she says the word friendship and you cannot breathe and you have to go away where she can’t see the love in your eyes..

Screenshot 2016-04-11 23.03.16

And worse, outside in the cold, because you heard her saying “Married and 8 months pregnant” and thinking that it wouldn’t be with you hits you strongly like a punch.

But even in a worst cold, out there in the loneliness, out there in the snow, the knowledge that there is not and there won’t be room for you in the world if not by her side.

Giving us this Vincent, Sherri, Jennifer and Jay have topped themselves.

Listening to the ghosts of Christmas they have given us the romantic hero of the third millennium, giving Vincent a heart from another era.

Everyone will have to work hard to oust him from our hearts I believe.

We could watch it endless and never be tired of his looks and his words, of his dialogues with JT, of his feeling not worthy and always wanting her happy.

It’s the best Valentine’s Day this one that Sherri and Jennifer have given us, precious and unforgettable.

And if in the beginning I did not understand all their emphasis about romance of this story, I had to change my mind.

“But it is not a happy ending!” They said the most.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.23.54

And it’s true, heck if it is true: Vincent who goes away alone with the collar turned up in the unreal light of the snowy night…. breaks our heart.

But… there is no place for any mushy Valentine’s Day for our hero as we will never be satisfied by corny love.

If we rather were looking for a sign of true love, the generous love that expects nothing and throws the heart to the risk and the pain, well then there would be a time when a “Yes, I love her,” would touch our heart and provoke deep unforgettable emotions.

Those words value much more than one single happy Valentine’s Day.

Once expressed it, Vincent will not escape saying that he is not worthy and that she deserves to be with someone who makes her happy.

Those words, uttered in a loud voice – as well as they make the world pass out – make him unable to overlook his love for Catherine, no matter what.

And no matter how long it will take or how much dangerous it will be.

It does not matter even if it will cost him the most unthinkable, difficult and painful thing, to accept himself as man and beast together.

After hearing his voice and his heart strong proclaiming his love for her, the only purpose that gives meaning to his life will be to be loved back by her, with the love truly conscious, generous and brave that has always been in her heart.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.22.36

Because, as JT gently suggests, “this isn’t how the musical ends”.


A taste of Season 4…

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A taste of season 4 in Catherine Ashton’s live tweet Q&A…

Schermata del 2016-04-08 23-37-30Schermata del 2016-04-08 23-38-547uS1uTpbSchermata del 2016-04-08 23-37-43Schermata del 2016-04-08 23-37-57Schermata del 2016-04-08 23-38-09

Liar Liar

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We saw Catherine regain her Vincent in “Kidnapped”
We saw her try to take back their history, almost with arrogance, where  there was Muirfield with the kidnapping and the amnesia had broken it off.
We know that just when they seemed to be on track to renew the ranks of what they had been, Vincent, under pressure for not remembering, lost control.
Therefore the Catherine we follow in this episode is a girl totally confused.
Think of her during the first season… Never a hesitation, never a concern in trust, blindly reliant on Vincent despite his condition.
Perhaps doubts about his feelings in the beginning but fears of the bestial side? Never, not once.
Even when, at the start of this season, finding Vincent with his memories totally blown away, never for a moment had she thought that he could act in a nothing but protective way with her, with the same concern and the same care that had led him to cross her path the first time when they met in the woods.
But on the roof, on their roof the night before, there was nothing of Vincent in that tremendously handsome but hopelessly distant guy that, just to stem the destabilizing power Cat exercised, tried to dismiss her as one night stand or worse, moved her over with a shove, trying to oppose the magnetic attraction he felt towards her.
The effects of that have been devastating to Catherine, pulverizing in one moment, memories, hopes and confidence.
The one we meet the next morning is a girl  fragile like a cracked crystal, whose certainties fell short in a stroke, leaving the field open to disappointment, doubt and dismay.
Her recent life had been informed and influenced by her choice of loving Vincent fully and totally, in the absolute conviction that it was worth it in spite of everything.
Vincent, on the otherhand, had always returned this dedication with the most complete, generous and caring love that she could conceive, upholding every day her choices’ value.
When he was gone, she had consumed her life trying to find him again, canceling herself and herexpectations, strong of the awareness that the only way to live a happy life could have been with him at her side.
Even when she learned to be a stranger to him, she didn’t waver for a moment, animated by the certainty that the intensity and uniqueness of the love he felt for her were unshakeable, albeit hidden, in spite of the perverse maneuvers hatched by mysterious puppeteers.
That’s why now we find her so lost, annihilated by the painful awareness that everything has gone, perhaps Vincent is no longer the same person and perhaps, for her own good, she must be brave and distant from him..
Cat can’t trust Vincent anymore because she can no longer be certain of his feelings for her.
Long before the fear of being phisycally hurt, there is the immense abyss of fear to be set aside because feelings for her have vanished, despite first impressions, washed away with the memory, hopelessly.
This is all that moves Catherine in this episode:  fear and despair thinking she’s not loved by Vincent anymore.
Everything is worsened by Heather revealing the truth about Thomas… All that Cat had thought of her family vanishes through her fingers like a handful of sand carried by the wind.
Lies… more than Vincent’s shove Cat seems to be hurt by determination with which he deceives the simulating memory of the pool.
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.37.41
Everything on which Cat has tried to base her life crumbles under her feet.
Vincent’s lie is the inexorable blow to her innermost desire to trust, torn to pieces by disappointments.
The Catherine who plots against Vincent and deceives him, provoking him – giving us one of the most intriguing and seductive dance scenes of recent times – is nothing but an emotionally distraught girl clinging to a shred of fragile rationality to dominate the involvement that links her to this guy, synonymous now of unreliability and danger.
Only through living Catherine’s sadness and disillusion do we get her painful final gesture, her hand stretched for the first time to lower the glass to break off the contact.
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.33.58
It’s the same Catherine who a few hours earlier, on the phone, had been caught by enthusiasm and emotion just hearing Vincent pretending to remember a memory. 
Here are her feelings, intact, but the world has so much demanded this girl… to shut a window may seem a good way to shelter from the storm that is fraying the strings of her soul.
As for Vincent… All of him confesses that his shoving Cat on the roof has hurt him as much as her.
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.30.37
The agony and the misery that afflicted him whilst talking with JT, the pain with which he pronounces the words ”I hurt her”, the care with which, leaving, he asks JT himself to take care of Catherine.
Later in the houseboat, in front of Catherine, the relief and the hope that his gesture has not threatened their connection and later, at her place, the disappointment in sensing her lies…
Every one of Vincent’s gestures, every look, every word until the dancing, tell of a guy bewildered and mesmerized at the same time by the intensity of a bond that he cannot read or explain but cannot deny.
He does not remember Catherine.
With Tess and Gabe around her, with her involvement in what she does for work, Vincent cannot even be sure that Cat is not secretly plotting against him, partner of obscure actors in an attempt to obstruct Vincent’s own missions.
He does not remember her.
Does not remember anything of that special dimension that their feelings had created, nothing of their unique world, built on love, generosity, courage and acceptance without fear.
He is tremendously attracted to Catherine. Incredibly touched by her. Kidnapped by the emotions she stirs in him.
But he cannot trust his feelings.
He cannot precede emotions and desires to duty.
Then here he is, living that whirlwind dance as a challenge, holding her in his arms with a sweetness that contrasts with the harshness of his expression, though persuaded deep down to have nothing more than a clash to share with her, both embittered by mutual betrayals.
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.36.19
But it’s just a moment.
Danger once more changes everything.
It’s that moment when – do not count being a man or beast – rationality is wiped out, giving way only to instinct… That’s the moment Vincent sees himself saving Catherine, getting that his love for her is the answer to make sense of all he has felt and is feeling from the moment he crossed her eyes and heard the beating of her heart.
What he sees in his memories suddenly gives way even to Catherine’s behavior, no more space for doubt about her feelings too.
The power and intensity of emotions that invest Vincent are the first glimpses of truth in the mist of darkness and doubts that surround his life.
Catherine is his truth.
Instinct and heart, along with all that pushed him relentlessly towards her, did not lie and are the certainties on which he wants to set his present and his future.
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.37.36
So here he is on that fire escape, once more, to profess a love that has always bewitched us and will never cease to.
It’s the  intensely moving relief with which he now proves to understand Cat’s behavior.
Overflowing, the vibrant intensity with which he feels ready to pick up the thread of everything that binds him to her… “I’m not going to push you away anymore”
 Screenshot 2016-01-04 02.38.38
No matter that the window is closed, for now.
Never mind that Catherine does not notice that the guy now, despite not remembering, cannot wait to get back to being himself.
No one can be unharmed by a love like this.
She knows it. So do we.
Everything was born on that fire escape.
Everything can be resumed from there.


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After a long hibernation…

When you are talking about the uniqueness of the love story narrated by Vincent and Catherine in Beauty and the Beast, as well as the intense chemistry shown by the two main protagonists, Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk, in giving life to their characters, it is natural to take as example the episode Kidnapped, to try either one and the other thing.

Many many episodes in fact tell the romance, the passion, the rawness of a love that, in an almost mystical and predestined way, binds these two together.

But among these few moments are at the level of those of this episode to tell the intimate connection, almost primal, that binds Vincent and Catherine simply as a man and a woman, leading them to look for, to want, to love each other, against logic and rationality, breaking any canon of common sense because that “something” that drives them toward each other is stronger than the logic, rationality and common sense.

It’s wonderful – credit should be given to the clarity of Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin’s ideas in designing the entire season – it’s wonderful to see how the episode that so intensely and directly gives us the strongest evidence than Vincent and Catherine are deeply connected and meant to be together, it is also the episode that cries out like a warning, that when one or both cease to be faithful to this feeling, to the spontaneity and inevitability of their love, the consequences were causing a pain that takes the breath away, carrying the knowledge that it will be only suffering, regret and resignation away from each other.

From this awareness, from their sorrow in the final moments, and not from the drama and the separation of “Man or Beast”, the search journey begins, that will bring each of them to tread through the implications of their own soul, to find him and herself before than the other, to return to choose each other again as a couple, living the bond and the connection as something strengthening them, enhancing them, making them the humans that individually they cannot be.

But I ran too much to anticipating the end of the episode and the context of the entire season.
Let’s go a step back to linger a moment longer on what makes this episode totally unique and memorable.

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Any given moment of the interaction between Vincent and Catherine throughout the episode is a pearl of emotion, sensuality and sexiness.
Raise your hand if, in the first scene on the roof, you did not have the beat accelerated fidgeting uncomfortably as Cat, torn between the desire to get closer, to establish contact with that Vincent so enigmatic, and the fear of committing a step false and see him disappear again.

And raise the hand even those who have not seen in the look and in the rigidity of Vincent perhaps a higher anxiety, the entirely rational effort to control and not give in, not let himself go, giving power to the attraction, curiosity, eagerness that would like to see him there to ask and talk, and discover the universe of fascinating mystery that surrounds this girl so sure of their connection but which he does not know anything more than what he knows of his own past, nothing.

About Catherine, the logic provides pretty good reason to fear her and steer far away as possible. Definitely she knows so much, it is true, but it is a policeman, was looking for him, never stopped, she has indeed been tracking him everywhere even after the murder of Zhao.
Vincent’s training was accurate; the concepts precise.
There is no room for anything else but the mission that he has to make.
Anyone who tries to hinder him it’s potentially an enemy, a probable danger.

Yet when he surprises Catherine to talk about shadow him and stop him in the prison parking he doesn’t get rid of her.
He does not leave her somewhere unconscious in her car; does not take her back to her house.
He rather takes her with him, to his place, his hiding place, and ties her and blindfolds her telling himself that it’s the best thing to avoid compromising his mission, which keeps her there close to him, is the best thing to do.

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Sure it’s definitely the best thing to overlook the turmoil overwhelming him, the emotions that keep him from being too rude even kidnapping her, turning a tight aggressive block in a kind of inexplicable seductive embrace.

So stop reading here those who have not swallowed empty while Vincent walks to Catherine bending to remove the blindfold to meet her eyes.
Stop reading immediately those who do not hold the breath while a little later he bends again, unties her with a slowness that also slows our breathing, sits on the edge of the sofa, drawing her to him, clutching the chair because he would show to be too disarming in his attraction, too vulnerable if he directly grabbed her and hold her as he wishes to hold, and breathing her as he wants to breathe, because heaven knows if he can explain it but he feels to be a magnet launched inexorably towards this fragile and wonderful creature, yet petulant and stubborn, that is complicating his life, but far more breaking his defenses and upsetting his mood.

How many things those hands on that wrist disclose.
How many things those eyes in the eyes confess.
The connection and empathy are so intimate, so enveloping to us but so scaring to Vincent, that starting talking out loud about datings and kisses seems to him less dangerous than what is happening on that couch.

Schermata del 2016-03-10 00-52-29Screenshot 2014-08-21 00.31.48

But nothing can stop the stroke of a magnet entered the field of attraction of the force that catches it, especially if this force is given by another magnet projected to the contact by the same thrust.

Seemingly filmed in slow motion moments that show Vincent and Catherine approaching very slowly for one, two, more kisses, overwhelmed by the desire to be back in each other’s arms … Distracted, they overwhelm us too impetuously, lucky spectators of a magic alchemy, unique and unrepeatable, that we do not need to be explained, because we have lived with them, moment by moment, feelings and emotions.

Heave a sigh of relief as we see them cuddling in bed, a little later, when heard the passion, it is not turned off the desire to be close, and that sweetness and tenderness to speak, to whisper them and us that everything has changed but nothing is lost, that instinct remembers what memory has darkened, heart sees beyond what reason fears.

That ephemeral relief!

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If they really stay to feel the emotions and feelings that led them to that bed, if they really listen to the message of their inner side, they would prove to the world and Bob Reynolds, to sincere friends and to those interested, that theirs is not an ordinary love and when they are together, their strength crumbles adversity and attempts to divide them, because home, life, happiness is only when they are in each other’s arms.
Unfortunately they decide what to listen to is the peremptory ringing of a phone, which has the effect of silencing the murmur of feelings putting them back in icy dimension governed by reason and conventions.
Then there they were, in a blink of an eye, the soldier and the officer, all taken from the respective missions rather than from each other.

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Vincent does not trust Catherine … cannot say, cannot explain. He does not want her to be in danger so ties her back to the chair.
So her… she shakes his hand serenely, but do not listen, you do not trust him, she fears his actions and goes to look for him with Gabe.

Catherine would understand Vincent if only he trusted her and explained.

He would save a life and would return as he said, as always, but she does not believe him, no longer knows who he is, now she doubts about him, also if she had once seen his heart where the others would not have seen but darkness.

Nobody hinders their love, this time. Nobody separates them dramatically and cruelly.
They do everything by themselves on that roof.
They do not believe in each other, they never did since they found themselves back.

Catherine is alone, so alone …. for one reason or another those around her always give her the wrong advice, to follow the logical path, the simplest, never the one that would make her happy.
When she follows her heart she makes no mistake.
The heart and instinct led her to Vincent.
Instinct says even once it she should trust.
She knows how he’s wonderful, she knows his heart, his soul.

She thinks she’s doing the right thing, protecting him even without understanding, without knowing, because the instinct tells her to trust.
Though she comes back, not content with having him there, ready to be hers again. As she wants him back how he was. In the change that she doesn’t understand she looses her trust…

Vincent does not understand much of all this Cat’s mood, instinctively knows to be tied to Catherine, knows that it must be something special, because every fibre of his body and his soul, the animal instincts and human emotions … all shouts deafeningly that Catherine was his and that he belongs to her.
He also knows that it is not about physical attraction, erotic chemistry, because the “pull” that he confesses to try to Catherine is what makes him protective and caring, to wish her safety, makes him feel bad thinking to hurt her.

Schermata del 2016-03-10 01-06-40

He could blur away, disappearing forever to her eyes, however he shows again, he approaches her.
All the principles and qualms that had not kept him away from her in his first life, apparently fail again. The triumph of the impossibility to resist its part is all in that “I’m sure I didn’t” as a justification for not having definitely wanted to keep off Cat intentionally but only to protect her.

But his attempted reproaching has all different tones for Catherine.
On the boat first and then on the roof, she is not going through the first faltering steps of a story.
No discovery for her.
She sees the man she loved, she wants to love the man he once was..
His being changed breaks her heart.
Her not accepting to love the diversity that emerges in him breaks his heart sinking inadequacy.
Neither of them is ready to what it means to be with each other after what has happened.
Not trusting
Nor jumping.
Because when instinct tells you that he is the one you want, she’s your part of the “one”, you must believe the instinct.

They had done.
And life had answered that they had done well.
That it was the right choice.
That they were meant to be.

But now fate has put them to the test …
Now that it has split them and then taken them back together, facing each other, they have to prove that it was all right and that whatever happens now, they are and will always be those born to love each other in spite of everything.
Because love means to keep finding themselves, wanting and renewing the will to totally accept each other beyond considerations and opportunities.

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Neither of them are ready when they meet on the roof at the end of the episode.
Catherine does not hold back in showing her vulnerability, her emotions, to the point to look annoying, because she is fighting for what she cares… but she asks the wrong questions, judging hastily.

Vincent does exactly the same. He is not ready to be true and does not understand how she is.
He acts on impulse without realizing how much is wounding her, and brutally hurts her, even before the strike, because it tears her apart emotionally.

The blow that Vincent inflicts on Catherine on the roof will mark them both forever.
They will not stop a second to love each other, never even when where they will be opposed, opponents, or when they will shake other hands, being with other people…

Cat shooting Vincent, him apparently choosing his beast path, and Gabe and Tory… have nothing to do with the journey that Vincent will have to make to choose to want Catherine in his life and Catherine to admit to want Vincent back in hers.

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The journey begins with their disoriented and terrified eyes on that roof, aware to have broken something that will never return as before.
It won’t never be to find themselves back… it will have to be to discover each other again.


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